5 ways to get backlinks to your website

Creating your website is only half the battle when you are looking to drive customers to your business – you also need to help promote your website so that customers can find you.

One way to do this is to generate backlinks to your website. In the same way that Google responds well to content which is liked and shared, backlinks are a highly effective way to promote your website and ensure the search engine giant knows how important it is. These are some tactics you can use to get good backlinks to your website.

Great content

Many blogs link back to websites when they find some interesting content on it, so this is where you need to concentrate your efforts. High-quality content shared on social media is more likely to get a backlink and the beauty of this is that you don’t really need to do anything else to get the links. If you have an interesting infographic or some unique content on your website, it will gain natural interest which then results in backlinks for you. This is a good way to promote your website and increase traffic.

Relevant blogs

If you want backlinks, you don’t need to just sit back and wait for others to link back to you. Although this is part of it, you can use this together with a more proactive approach. You can do this by searching on Google for high-quality blogs which are relevant to your website and ask the host of the blog to link back to your content. It is important to ensure the blog is similar to your industry, though, as otherwise it will probably not attract your target market.

Guest posts

These are a really effective way to get backlinks to your website but, again, these require a proactive approach. Guest posts are when you agree to write a post for a relevant, reputable website and you link to your own website in the content. You would usually contact the website host with some possible titles for the blog and they will decide whether to allow you to post on their website. Some websites actively encourage guest posts as it is good for their SEO, but make sure these are of a good quality.


You can also use forums and social media interactions to link to your website. This should be used carefully, though, as otherwise it will look like spam which can have a negative effect on your Google ranking. For example, if you are responding to a forum question with relevant content from your website, this is a good way to throw in your link. The key is to ensure it is relevant.

Ask clients

If you have some good relationships with clients, this can be an effective way to gain positive reviews and backlinks. For example, if you are working as a freelancer and have completed a piece of work for a client, you may want to consider asking them to put a review on their website, with a link to your website. Most clients will be willing to do this if they feel you have provided an excellent service.

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