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Setting up your WooCommerce shop

- 1 – After installing the “WooCommerce” plugin, go to “WooCommerce” -> “Settings”, and select your “Products Page” or “Shop” page correspondingly on the “Shop page” drop down:   2 – Go to “Assembly” -> “WooCommerce”, and select your “Product Page” and “Product Categories Page” correspondingly on the drop downs, if your are setting up a “Product Page Details” page you […]

Duplicating a page

- The way for duplicating pages on Assembly is by saving and loading templates. 1 – First create a template of the page you want to duplicate 2 – Create a new page and load the template recently created 3 – Publish your newly created page. That will create a clone of the page.

Setting up your theme if you have content already.

- It might be the case that you don’t want to import the entire demo content data, this might be the case if you: 1 – Don’t want to import all content and attachments to your WordPress database and admin because you fear some of your current content might be overwritten, even if the importing process should not overwrite any of your […]
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