Gaining publicity on Instagram for your creative freelance business

If you are a freelance creative business owner who is looking to reach out to a wider audience, Instagram is the perfect way to showcase your designs to a wider audience. Instagram is a community that is brought together by pictures that tell stories and allow people to engage with each other through visual communication.

Understanding how to build your follower base on Instagram is often crucial for a successful small business, so we have a few top tips for you.

1. Follow similar accounts

Whatever you are promoting, there are always other businesses out there that are similar in style, but it is often worth reaching out to them. Don’t be frightened to give them a ‘follow’ as these accounts are essentially contacts you may need in future for collaborations or recommendations. Have a look at their follower list and see if there are any accounts whom they follow that may also like your work.

2. Interact

Liking and commenting on photos of like-minded accounts may gain some recognition of your own account. Users may snoop through if they think you may be of interest to them. When commenting, use plenty of emojis to make it extra personal. Try and do this on a daily basis to reach out to more people. Always make sure to respond to comments if they are left on your photos and follow users back. No-one likes to be ignored!

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags are absolutely crucial when starting out on Instagram. Using niche hashtags which relate to your business make it easier for other profiles to find you, when searching for related posts. Try not to overuse them when posting photos as you don’t want to appear too desperate for followers.

4. Connect your accounts

You are able to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account, which means that you can receive double the exposure. Allowing your followers to see you that have other social media accounts is highly beneficial.

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