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Thanks to Assembly, our themes are incredibly powerful and flexible, yet unbelievably fast. We have built them with speed, flexibility and responsiveness in mind and a lot of the power comes from the page builder embedded on every page and portfolio.

Assembly is extendable and it comes with 15 modules by default, which are:

– Header
– Logo
– Menu
– Container
– Column
– Image
– Title
– Posts
– Comments
– Search Form
– Widgets Sidebar
– Category Filters
– Button
– Social Media
– Map

Those modules allow you to build extremely powerful pages, but if that’s not enough you can add more modules such Gallery, Background Videos, Sliders, Export, and more… clicking on “Assembly” > “Add-ons” or going to

When activating the theme for the first time, WordPress will automatically suggest you to activate a few plugins like, Assembly, Assembly Gallery, Assembly Sliders, etc… It is mandatory that you activate those plugins as they are a fundamental part of the theme, without activating those plugins the theme won’t be operative.