Category: Assembly Basics

Duplicating a page

The way for duplicating pages on Assembly is by saving and loading templates. 1 – First create a template of the page you want to duplicate 2 – Create a new page and load the template recently created 3 – Publish your newly created page. That will create a clone of the page.

Saving templates

Assembly allows to save pages into pre-defined templates, this way with a few clicks you can have save a template of your current page. In order to create a new template from your current page, you will need to: 1 – Open the WordPress page you want to save as a template. 2 – Click on the […]

Understanding the Control Panel

  MODULES SHOWCASE (blue area):  Here you can find all available modules to use when building your pages or portfolios. By default Assembly comes with several modules spread across 3 main tabs: Layout, Media and Elements, however modules are extendable as well as tabs. Drag and drop any module to the “Building Stage” to begin […]

Resizing modules in a page

Modules can be by default horizontally re-sized in steps of one column of a total of twelve, being two the minimum column size applicable. This allows you for very fast layout re-arrangements. Some modules have also the ability to be vertically re-sized, like Image,  Gallery Cell and more. To re-size a module click on the […]

Draggable Module Settings

Click on the button placed in to top right of a module to access its options, a new popup window will open up containing all settings available regarding this module.

Adding modules to a page

In order to start building or adding new elements to your page, you will need to drag and drop elements from the “Modules Showcase” to the “Building Stage”.