No designer? No problem: three creativity tips for start-ups

The beginning stages of bringing a business idea to fruition are never easy, regardless of the market you’re aiming at. As a startup, you might even find yourself under further pressure, as you’re expected to be at the forefront of your industry, finding yourself in a position with little capital but with a need to present your company as a professional entity. It’s often a bit of a catch-22.

Every startup needs a fresh, functional and exciting image, but in reality, very few have a large enough budget to turn to a full-time developer or designer to satiate their design needs. When it comes to developing a brand identity via a website, promotional material and social content, you’re going to need to be innovative, flexible and above all creative to accomplish building a successful company.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to put together a list of options all startups should consider in order to get their design right first time, without having to break the bank.

Use a freelancer for your company logo

Your company logo is essentially the first part of your company that potential clients will connect with, so it makes sense that it should capture what your company is about. By using a freelancer instead of having a full-time graphic designer on your books, you should be able to save money, or alternatively, you could use an app like LogoScopic Studio to help unleash your creativity.

Don’t be afraid of stock images

Stock images are invaluable to small businesses. Sites dealing in stock photos essentially provide you with a huge library of high-quality visuals at a reasonable price. Just be careful to choose images which resonate with the real-world applications of your product along with the real-world experiences of your client base, or you’ll risk alienating a large chunk of your prospects.

Use a WordPress theme for your site

WordPress in an incredibly flexible platform – it’s customizable, functional, SEO-friendly, and with LOOP Themes, you can expect to find a layout for your new website which works straight out of the box, giving you the edge over your competitors without the need for expensive web development.

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